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Hangzhou Jiangdong Fulida Thermoelectric Co., Ltd. is the central heating and energy-saving enterprise with the largest installed capacity, the best equipment level, the most advanced technological regional cogeneration. The installed capacity is 54.5 MW and the boiler evaporation 745 tons/hour.


Fulida thermoelectric focuses on energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection, devoting to be a green thermoelectric enterprise. It took lead in obtaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in the industry, and was the first to checke and accepte technical improvement project of the “desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal of boiler flue gas". At the same time, it also makes effort to practice ultra-low emissions and technological of zero emissions, and strives to maintain industry-leading technology. In 2015, the project "wet desulfurization dedusting ultra-low emission" was put into operation as the first successful demonstration project in Hangzhou, to achieve the goal of “coal as clean as gas”, opening a new technological chapter of the thermoelectric industry with ultra-low emissions, which lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Fulida Thermoelectric not only makes gets benefits from own business, but also takes the initiative to make contribution for the local government and the park to optimize the investment environment, energy conservation and environmental protection. The enterprise has been rated as "733" model enterprises in Zhejiang, advanced units of energy-saving in Hangzhou, advanced units of emission reduction in Hangzhou, advanced units of financial contributions to Jiangdong Hangzhou and so on.

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Corporate name:Hangzhou Jiangdong Fulida Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.

Company address:Weiliu Road, Linjiang High-tech District, Dajiangdong Hangzhou

Administrative Hotline:0086-571-82125861

Marketing Hotline:0086-571-82125861


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