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Fulida Gained The Right of Speech Of The Industry

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Yesterday, national textile fabric museum of textile appearance quality inspection business unit and Fulida products inspection center held the opening ceremony. The persons in charge of China Textile Industry Federation inspection center, the quality controlling experts in all walks of life of the industry, members from textile appearance quality inspection sub-standardized technical committee, experts of appreal brand supply chain management and representatives of textile enterprises more than 200 people gathered Fulida, witnessed the establishment of the national fabric appearance quality inspection center in the textile industry of China.


The event was sponsored by the National Textile Museum, the National Textile Fabrics Museum of textile appearance quality inspection center is the third party finished product inspection services sector in the national textile fabric museum public service platform, the sector is equipped with senior fabric inspection and tailoring experts, professional fabric finished product inspection team, the inspection site of qualified products finished product management, advanced fabric finished product testing equipment, which can be issued for the third-party finished product inspection arbitration endorsement.


The newly established Fulida Products Inspection Center is the first cooperate textile inspection center of the National Textile Fabric Museum of Textile Appearance Quality Business Unit. The center was implemented by the Fulida Group Hangzhou Economic and Trade Industrial Co., Ltd. It is reported that the center is equipped with advanced textile fabric finished product testing intelligent equipment, as well as the R & D self-developed complete information system. The establishment of the center will apply itself to solving the problem of different finished fabric inspection standards,fuzzy boundaries of the quality dispute, and trade friction that occuring in domestic textile and garment enterprises in the fabric appearance quality inspection link.


This new borned Products Inspection Center was placed high hopes, the relevant person in charge of National Textile Fabrics Museum said that the appearance of textile quality inspection center should take the advantages of the platform to promote industry standards, in next five years stand basing on Fufida Products Inspection Center to the domestic market, and continue to copy the extension, to achieve the objects of opening up the overseas markets in 2020.


Fulida can’t get the approval of national textile fabric museum which is state-level institutions without its own efforts. Starting from the textile industry, Fulida Group has now formed the integration of the textile industry chain of "research and production and marketing". It is the national high-tech enterprises, with national "T / R product development base" title, its textile fabric testing center also got the approval of CNAS National Laboratory Recognition, and the products receive a good reputation at home and abroad.


                                           (Source:《Dajangdong Today》)

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